Credit Card



WSCU is proud to offer the missing piece to your financial puzzle, the W$CU Visa® Rewards Credit Card! With rates as low as 11.65% A.P.R.*, you can’t lose.  Our card offers:

    • No annual fee
    • W$CU REWARDS Program
    • Earn 1 point for every $2 spent**
    • Make payments through HomeLink, Mobile app, DataCheck or directly through our Teller department.
    • ATM access to your line-of-credit
    • No fee cash advances
    • 25 day grace period
    • No hidden costs 


Report your lost or stolen WSCU Visa® Credit Card immediately by calling 1-800-682-6075 or click here

To activate your new W$CU Rewards Credit Card click here

*With Approved credit. Rates may vary based on credit score.

**Not all purchases qualify, such as: manual cash disbursements; automated cash disbursements; wire transfer orders; financial and non-financial institutions’ merchandise and services such as foreign currency, money orders, traveler’s checks; and betting transactions including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips etc.