Education Tools


It is important to teach our members about money starting at a young age. We have some resources that are available to you to help whether it be in a classroom, or at home with your kids.

Best of all, these resources are FREE for you to use

The Mint

At the mint, they are committed to guiding young people and their families to be money smart and financially fit. This site will show the understanding of key financial concepts that can determine the difference between having a dream, and making the dream come to life. This website is packed with hands-on activities, expert advice, and creative ideas for learning how to navigate in an increasingly complex financial world. click on the logo below to go to the mint.

Education Cents

Education Cents was created by the Colorado Department of Higher Education. The main focus is paying for college. This is a great resource if you are going to college or have kids that will be attending college. Click on the link to visit Education Cents


MyMoney.Gov is a website that organizes financial education from multiple Federal websites in one place. Whether you are buying a home, balancing a checkbook or investing, the resources on MyMoney.Gov can help you maximize your financial decisions.


FoolProof is a nationally known group of consumer advocates that delivers high-quality, free financial education and literacy programs to everyone! All can be done in the comfort of your own home.

FoolProof Solo teaches a younger adults, college-age with limited financial knowledge about the realities of money and credit. The modules are tough, interactive and interesting.

FoolProof for Parents and Grandparents involved in their children’s financial education. These highly interactive modules run about 45 minutes each, feature music, videos, and games. Each module concludes with a test and the results come directly to you.

FoolProof’s CUHQ is a year round, interactive website for young people ties everything together with great information that relates to what is taught in the FoolProof Modules.

FoolProof Information Edge is an online newspaper that features videos, podcasts and breaking news.

Click on the logo to try FoolProof!