Financial Planning


It’s your future.  Plan for it.

When it comes to financial and retirement planning, it is important to have people that you can trust.  We have teamed up with truSTAGETM (offered through CUNA Mutual Group) to offer you a variety of options.  For more information, click on the link below.

You may call CUNA Mutual Group at 1 (855) 612-7909 if you currently have truSTAGETM products and need to make a change, MEMBERS is now truSTAGETM.  Call CUNA Brokerage at 1 (800) 369-2862 for brokerage services.

Notice to members: The products offered on this page (1) are not federally insured; (2) are not obligations of Weld Schools Credit Union; (3) are not guaranteed by Weld Schools Credit Union or any affiliated entity; and (4) may involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal.