Safety Tips


Increase your safe deposit box security

Use the following valuable tips to help ensure that your valuables are kept as safely as possible.  Feel free to contact Member Services if you have any questions.

Extra Protection: Use plastic, airtight, zip-lock bags to protect your valuable stamp collections, baseball cards and other perishable items from possible damage.

Identification: Place your name on all items stored in your box. If a disaster occurs, identification of your box contents may be necessary.

Key Control: Your key and the institution’s guard key are always needed to unlock your box. Never put your extra key inside your safe deposit box. Don’t keep both of your keys together in one location.

Vault Location: Never keep your safe deposit key on a key chain or in a key envelope that identifies where your box is located.

Lost Keys: If one key is lost, report this to your financial institution immediately! If the second key is lost, the box will have to be drilled at the renter’s expense.

Vault Transactions: All transactions are conducted in a viewing room. This room provides the member with privacy and security.

Viewing Area: Before your safe deposit box is locked up, always inspect the viewing area thoroughly to verify that all contents have been returned to the container.

Insurance Coverage: WSCU does not insure the contents of your safe deposit box. Call your agent to arrange for insurance coverage on your box contents. Insurance premiums should be less if your valuable items are stored in a safe deposit box.

Household Inventory: Use a video camera to record all valuable household or office possessions. Store this videocassette inside your safe deposit box for proof of ownership.

Estate Documents: In most states, your original will should be kept in your safe deposit box. A copy of this will should be given to your estate representative.

Contract Signers: WSCU does not allow entry unless they are co-renters or agents on your rental agreement. You may wish to have other signers on your rental agreement incase of illness or disability.

Box Inventory: Make a detailed list of all valuable items stored in your box. Keep this list in a location away from your box.