Savings accounts to fit your needs

WSCU offers a variety of savings accounts that will help you meet your financial goals.  Our savings accounts offer attractive interest rates and low fees. To find out more about the savings accounts that we offer, please choose one of the links below.

Federal regulation requires us to limit withdrawal transactions on non-checking accounts.  You may only make up to 6 withdrawals or transfers from savings and money fund accounts each month in any of the following combinations when payable to a third party or another account owned by you.

  • HomeLink
  • DataCheck
  • Overdraft transfers
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Fax
  • Transfers between your accounts
  • Transfers to another member’s account

Withdrawals and transfers from your non-checking accounts are unlimited when made under the following circumstances:

  • In person
  • Signed transfer by mail
  • Request for a WSCU official check made payable to you and mailed to your address of record with WSCU
  • Transfers to a WSCU loan
  • Signed night drop requests

Failure to observe Reg D limits could result in items being returned.  A complete description of Regulation D is included in the Membership and Account Agreement disclosure.